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Helping Today

Education is Our Goal for Every Child

Today, we supported the education of 20000 children born in poor families cross 12 undeveloped countries over the world . in the future, our goals are

  • Have enough food for life.
  • Poor children can return to school.
  • Support poor people to have better jobs.


Successfull Campaigns

Help the People

Our Popular Causes

Helping Today

We’re Helping People in Need Around the World

  • Healthy Food

    Millions of people have not enough food, so we're working to feed the hungry.

  • Clean Water

    Our goal is to supply clean water to people who can not access to safe water.

Asked Quesitons

We Need Your Help

How to make a donation on your site ?

First, find a campaign that you would like to support. We accept Credit/Debit cards, Venmo, and Cash App payments.

Becoming a volunteer is very difficult ?

It is simple to become a volunteer. You look for selected volunteer opportunities on our sites, fill all necessary information in the form and wait until we contact with you.

Do you get receipts after making a donation?

Yes! You will get an email with a receipt as soon as your payment has been received.

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Asting is a non-profit organization to support people worldwide and keep an eye in the future Support.



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